Saturday, March 27, 2010

Build A Bear Kit

So I have seen these before and thought how cool but just never felt the need to spend $15 on one. Well Publix had them marked down for $7.50 so I thought "Perfect!! A project for me and Lula to do one day!" So the bear kit made it home with us...



Sewing her was easy enough but Lula's attention span was not enough to do it or even pretend like she was interested in what I was doing...she sewed a few loops and then I did the rest. I did take the advice on the instructions and double up for strength. Meanwhile Lula made a cake out of the fluffing...

here is her picture of the cake she took.

and her helping me sew

We never did get around to the iron on pieces because I couldn't imagine her wanting to help with the hot iron. But here ya go...the sew job was awful...I stuffed her too much and her tummy is hard as a rock and her head (where it was hard to get the fluffing to) was kind of flat.

Overall I think it would be a fun project for an older child. Easy to do and you do get a cute little bear when you are all done. It just seems a lot easier to go to the actual Build A Bear factory for us!

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